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How to Start a Taxi Company

Posted September 1, 2014 by

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First: Get a taxi driving license. This will comprise of getting your driving history checked and taking an exam. You will be evaluated by an insurance agency to check whether you are insurable (if you have a poor driving record, don’t begin this business). Go to a reputable bank with a marketable strategy that exhibits expected pay from the quantity of cars that you wish to buy. Your credit score will have vast influence in your success to get a taxi driving license.

Second: Find regular insured vehicles, not as taxicabs. Get assistance from a friend or two to take your vehicles for an organization that introduces accepted meters for charging for. This will normally be in a famous city like Chicago or New York. Keep in mind that taxis are administered regarding what they can charge, so everyone gets the same meter focused around their area. After that, you can put the taxi sign on the top of your vehicle. All good taxi companies like Walton Taxis has followed these steps to start their business. Walton Taxis have followed these steps to start their business.

Third: Go to the city and register your taxis with them. You will need to pay a permit charge. Get the vehicle insured as taxis. Get a radio set up with a telephone number. Put an ad in the daily paper for drivers. They will need to follow the same strategy as you did to get a permit and be accepted on your insurance. Decide your hours of operation. Remember that 24-hour operations do the best.

Fourth: Start the service with suitable compensation, which is 50 percent for every passage, with the driver paying for gas and you take care of maintenance of vehicles. Normally taxicab service providing companies work in 12-hour shifts. Place a promotion in the daily paper and purchase business cards for every driver.

Fifth: Create a website for your business and ask your web developer to make a mobile copy too. It will get you more customers, like if someone is looking for Taxi Walton On Thames and search for it on search engines, he will get your website on top. Your website should have a booking and get a quote page too. Create an ad in the Yellow Pages. It may take sooner or later to get distributed, so meanwhile have your drivers sit in front of hotels and airports. They will get charged, and by distributing business cards the business will develop.

And finally, keep a record of drivers schedule and maintain your account on a daily basis. Change your taxis oil after every 3,000 miles and recheck the brakes and indicators every week.


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