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Living In Camberley

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Camberley is an average sized town positioned in the region of Surrey and adjacent to the boundaries of Hampshire and Berkshire. It is inside the division called Surrey Heath.

Camberley is a pleasant place to live in with welcoming people. Living in Camberley is quite reasonable. It has wide ranging properties stretching from very affordable to fairly expensive. The Heatherside area has affordable 1980’s and 1990’s build residences to council housing in the Old Dean Estate. In Crawley Hill side you can find more costly and deluxe buildings. As Camberley is near to London so the average cost is somewhat higher as compared to the regions in Hampshire.

Camberley is a versatile place to live comprising of all essential factors of life.

Shopping Areas:

Shopping in Camberley is gratifying as it serves the public with maximum attractive opportunities thus enabling them to gather outstanding experience. It has approximately everything that people need. Camberley has two wonderful shopping malls. The Atrium and The Mall. The Mall lies between the Park street and the High Street. The Atrium is close to the Park Street. There are some more stores present in the Camberley. The High Street chains that are in Camberley are considered prevalent among the towns of the UK. The departmental store like House of Fraser is also one of the popular stores there.

Eating Areas:

There are huge varieties of eating and drinking areas present in Camberley. These include fantastic restaurants, cafes etc. you can find everything of your taste and flavor. They are well-known for catering all kinds of foods from the typical traditional ones to the most unusual ones. While you are in the town, you will find eating and drinking as a no problem. Just go the any restaurant or café and choose whatever you want.

Entertainment Zones:

In Camberley you can find marvelous entertainment zones. There are several cinemas, theatres, museums etc. you can avail all entertainment facilities over there. There is a 20 lane bowling alley and leisure Centre for your relaxation time. You will enjoy your time-out there.

Transport in Camberley:

Camberley has a standard network of roads and rails. It has train station based in Pembroke Broadway and local bus stop on Charles Street. The local buses are run by Stagecoach. There are motorways and highways that provide an easy approach to many destinations in the UK. There are some companies of Taxis in Camberley to assist the transport system like Camberley Taxis. There are some pathways that are specially designed for cycles. They are one of the best Camberley executive taxis service providers.

There are two airports in Camberley for those who need to travel by air.

Whether you are the resident of Camberley or just a visitor for sightseeing, you will find Camberley a better place to live in. the daily life in Camberley is unusual. It is also a hot attraction for tourists.

Students in Camberley:

Camberley has abundant colleges and universities for local as well as foreign students. Students from all over the world come and study in the colleges and universities of camberley. The students need to travel and transport is one of their basic necessities.

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